Inside the hangar

A new thought is floating about the high spaces of the hangar of my mind. I’ve been told my kidney cancer has come back to visit me. No doubt this thought will find itself a place to hang like a glistening cobweb or a pirate flag up there in the heights. In the meantime, I’m aware of it dancing and weaving as I get on with everyday living between hospital visits. I was thinking this morning of how the changes are not unlike being pregnant – except that the child is ahead of you somewhere, in the stardust that is everywhere, within and without.

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My dear readers, I live in Manchester, England and would like to share my thoughts of significant people, places and events in my life through this blog. I'm growing old disgracefully in my 74th year, living in a bubble of love blown by my precious friends and family and floating about like Johnnie McGory.

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